None of us are the worst thing we’ve ever done. We all deserve to come home to freedom.

Home/Free is a new documentary short film series produced in partnership with Slack, Next Chapter, FREEAMERICA and the Equal Justice Initiative that highlights the stories of resiliency of formerly incarcerated people as they navigate the barriers of re-entering society and finding employment.

To learn more about how Next Chapter's technology apprenticeship program is building career pathways for formerly incarcerated individuals and creating a more equitable workplace, visit

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“I realized that I was capable of so much more. I was starving for knowledge, and just to grow.”

       Keefe — Software Engineer at Cash App

"I’m no longer a number—I’m a person. I’m not just a formerly incarcerated person, I’m now a team member, too."

       Amalia — Software Engineer at Checkr

“That’s where I feel the most free—me being who I’m supposed to be, who I’m meant to be, who I’m working hard to be.”

       Sumit — Software Engineer at Slack

Kenyatta Leal

Executive Director at Next Chapter

“It can be easy to fear, misunderstand or dismiss people who have been incarcerated when you don’t see them as individuals with their own stories, strengths and dreams for the future. The power of storytelling like this is that it allows people to connect in a way where they can truly see another person as unique, complex and valuable, defined by their potential and not solely by their past. That changes everything."

Photo by Rob Liggins
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